How to protect your WiFi completely

The WiFi network have imprinted out an significant niche in our home and business. They have been with us for a few years, but in that time hackear wifi  become almost essential in many daily activities that go beyond Internet connectivity, since they also allow us to handle all kinds of gadgets and devices at a distance.

Shield access to your router

First of all, we have to make sure that nobody outside of us will be able to access the router to control our WiFi. Otherwise, everything we do will not help, as they can enter and revert or even deny us access to our own network.

Therefore, the first step is to update the router’s firmware to the latest version available to correct possible vulnerabilities that have been detected, a process that will depend on each specific brand and model, and then start by changing the default access password that normally It is given by the manufacturer or by the operator.

Search for a username and a personalized password that you remember well or that you can leave written down somewhere you know in case you forget them.

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Normally it will not be spies or evil hackers like those that appear in movies that try by all means to take advantage of our WiFi to commit crimes, although there are. Typically, it is a neighbor who tries to sneak into our network to save the connection, making us responsible in the first instance for the pages you visit.

How to avoid these unwanted intrusions in our WiFi? Well, although total security does not exist (for that we would have to turn off the network, of course), we can follow a series of tips and tricks, both simple and more complex, which we will explain below.

Change the name of the SSID

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) or identifier of the wireless network serves precisely for that, to identify it among many others. The usual thing is that by default it is given by the operator that the router provides, sometimes showing more information than it should on the type of router we have and its possible vulnerabilities.

The ideal is that we use a simple name to remember or that we find a personal relationship but does not refer to us directly or our home . We can be as creative as we want, even hiding the SSID completely if the router allows it or creating several with different access permissions for guests.

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