The Pixel Gun 3D online gameplay

The Pixel Gun 3D is the shooting game which is similar to Minecraft game which is most popular in all around the world. This game is released on 2nd May 2013, and after the launch of this game, it gains the massive popularity because of its game play. Many people are downloading this game and day by day; this game gets the huge new users in their interface. In this game, you can play the multiplayer and single player mode for fun. There are different types of games modes in this game which include the co-op mode, survival mode, and flag stealing. In the single mode you can battle with the zombies, other players, attack other players villages and defend your village from the zombies and other players. At this platform you can use their generator which is helpful in earning the game gems and coins.

gems and coins

What are gems and coins for?

Many people keep asking this question where to use the gems and coins in the game. The answers are the gems and coins are for purchasing the weapons, gears, gadgets, and armor, etc. If you started playing this game, then you cannot get rid of this game easily. At Pixel Gun 3D it is very difficult to earn the gems and coins, so if you are also facing the situation of not earning the gems and coins, then you can use the hacks and cheats from the Trade Tricks website.

Weapons of Pixel Gun 3D:

  • Long Range: At Pixel Gun 3D you can purchase the long-range sniper rifle which help you in shooting the enemies from the long range. But always remember that not use the sniper rifle in the short rage and close battles. The sniper rifle will not stable in the close range of, and the scope of the sniper rifle is sensitive while shooting in the close range and you will get the massive disappointment after losing the battle.
  • Short Range: There are also short range weapons available in this game. There are two short-range guns are available in this game which is Flamethrower and signal pistol. The signal pistol is for short and less time period of battles. The capacity of a signal pistol is ammo is very low, so use this weapon in only short battles. At this platform you can easily earn the gems and coins which is for purchasing the weapons, gears, and gadgets, etc.

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