Homework Tips: 5 Locker Organization Ideas for Back to School

Going into school on the first day means having a shiny new locker and a chance to make it organized all year round. This is often overlooked, but an organized locker can help you stay on top of assignments and get to class on time. However, figuring out how to store textbooks, notebooks, binders, and other school supplies is never easy.

Check these following tips to turn your locker into an organized oasis.

Maximize storage space.

Making smart storage solutions will help you make the most of the space. One way to do it is to create at least two separate compartments by adding a sturdy shelving unit, then use the top shelf for lightweight items. You can also store large, heavy textbooks at the bottom. The inside door is an ideal spot for a magnetic filled with school supplies items like pens, pencil, and other supplies.

Always keep important information with a dry erase board.

Teachers often make important announcements about exam dates or extra credit opportunities before the end of class, instead of scribbling down the information on an easy-to-lose piece of scrap paper, make a note on your dry erase board in between classes. Don’t expect yourself to keep all the time those tiny notes. Place your reminders on something that will catch important details and catch it.

Arrange books and binders according to your daily schedule.

Every second count when you only have a few minutes between classes. Organize your locker according to your class schedule so that it will keep you updated you will always be ready to go. It also helps when you label or color code your binders to avoid accidentally bringing Spanish homework to history class. Store books in such a way that it is easier for you to take them out once you need them, you can store them with spines facing out so that you can slip them out quickly.

Use clips and hooks for accessories, bags, and clothes

Put magnetic or removable adhesive hooks inside your locker for hanging up jackets, scarves, and hat and gym bags. Small items can easily be hung up using magnetic clips. Placing your belongings this way will keep them in good shape all year and ensure that they’re always accessible when you need them.

Storage cabinet hong kongAlways remember to clean out!

But doing all these things does not ensure a smooth running of all your things in the locker, it may be the most organized space, but if your locker is not clean, the bottom line is, it is still a mess. Always make sure that you clean your lockers especially during exam weeks where it can get busy.

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