Tips to buy a new car at the lowest possible price

Buying a car is an important investment. Specifically, the average cost of a new is not cheap. Despite the expense involved, the sale of cars and SUVs increased by almost 10% in many countries. To try to get the desired car for the lowest possible price, we offer a series of tricks and tips that it is advisable to apply. Click here for gmc dealer.


There are more propitious dates than others. The end of the month, quarter or year are moments in which dealers take stock of their accounts, and are sometimes forced to launch offers to improve their ratio and increase business volume. Visit this site for gmc dealer.

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 Compare on the internet

On the internet, you can find a lot of information about the different prices that the same car can have in different dealers throughout Spain. An information that can be very useful to negotiate with the closest dealers to whom you can turn. In some cases, you can even compensate moving to another location if you find a much cheaper vehicle.

Visit the dealers

How many dealers do you have to visit to buy a car? It is the question that many people ask, but that does not have an exact answer. Experts recommend personally visiting at least three, in addition to all that can be consulted virtually, as noted in the previous point. We must inform us in advance so that the seller does not detect ignorance and you can get a better price.

There is an inversely proportional relationship between the time dedicated to the investigation of a specific product and the price that is finally paid for it.

Concrete characteristics

Having clear the characteristics of the vehicle that is looked for is key to elaborate a budget as real as possible. You have to ask for the itemized expense, to check what amount corresponds to each item, in addition to expenses derived such as transportation, registration, driving license, etc. You also have to be especially attentive to the extras that try to include some commercials, and that is dispensable for most of the customers.

Dedicate time

The purchase of a car is an important outlay, so you should devote enough time to find the best possible price. There are times when you spend more time buying clothes or shoes than in a car.

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